Overview: How to Create Reaction GIFs

  1. Turn on Happy.cam by clicking the Happy.cam button on the top of the page
  2. Navigate to a post
  3. Smile, frown or make an expression. Your PRIVATE reaction will appear in about a minute next to the post.
  4. Click on your reaction to share it with other Happycammers!


What is Happy.cam?
  • Happy.cam, is a website that is on a mission to bring more happiness to the world. The application allows users to share happy “moments” and see others reactions to that content.
How does Happy.cam work?
  • Browse the Feed. You’ll see happy videos, gifs, selfies, screenshots, jokes, inspirations and other “happy” content. Click on any post to see people’s reactions to it.
  • ALL selfies are completely private. NO ONE can see them unless you decide to share them.
What are the system requirements?
  • You can browse Happy.cam and post content on any device or with any browser. Newer phones will work faster than older ones.
Who built Happy.cam?
  • Happy.cam was built by the fine folks at Affectiva. Learn more about our mission here.

Basic Features

What’s the Feed?
  • The Feed is where you browse content users have posted. Click on any item to react to it.
How do comments work?
  • Tap on the comments tab to post a comment. Only signed in users can post a comment.
What is the All Selfies Page?
  • The All Selfies Page is a grid of every public selfie that users have shared. Your private selfies will never show up on this page unless your share them here.
Can I share content posted on Happy.cam to a social network?
  • Yes. Click on the Facebook or Twitter icons to share a post
How do I share a selfie so that other Happycammers can see it?
  • Click on your selfie and select “Share to Happy.cam”
Can I share a selfie?
  • Yes. Drag your selfie to your desktop or (save it to your mobile device) and share with friends. In the future you will be able to share selfies directly from Happy.cam.
How do I delete a selfie?
  • Click on the selfie you want to delete and then click the Delete button
How do I edit my profile?
  • Click on the profile icon on the nav bar and then click edit my profile
How do I post content?
  1. Click on the “Create” button
  2. Enter text, a URL of an image, a Youtube video URL, or click the “Photo” icon to upload an image from your desktop
  3. Click share.
  4. Your post will appear on the Feed
How do I edit or remove content I’ve shared?
  • Click on the edit or delete button at the top of the post you’ve created
How do I see who has reacted to content I’ve posted?
  • Next to each post are GIFs of people who have reacted to the content. If there are no GIFs, no one has reacted yet.
How do I see other users’ profiles?
  • Click on the name of another user to see their profile
How do I follow or unfollow someone?
  • Click on the Follow button in the user’s profile to follow them. If you are already following someone and want to unfollow them, click the Unfollow button in the user’s profile
Can I delete a comment?
  • Click on the trashcan icon next to a comment you have posted to delete it
What are notifications?
  • You get a notification every time someone else comments, likes or reacts to a post of yours. A small dot will appear above the bell icon in the nav bar to indicate that you have new notifications waiting.
I’m not seeing any selfie images, how come?
  1. Make sure that Happy.cam is able to detect your face. To do this, point your device’s camera towards your face, make sure that the lighting is not very dark or very bright and that your face is not obscured in any way.
  2. Reload the Smile Diary page or the Post page you think your selfie should have appeared on. Selfies take about 1 minute to appear on this page and you may need to reload it a few times.
  3. Try quitting your browser and restarting. Every once and awhile Happy.cam gets stuck and needs the browser to be rebooted.
  4. Still not working? Drop us a line: happycamfeedback@affectiva.com


How do I report abuse? What are the terms and conditions and privacy policy?


How do I contact you with feedback?
  • Let us know your feedback, ideas and bugs you’ve found here: happycamfeedback@affectiva.com. If possible tell us what type of computer or device you were using and what type/version of browser. If you are reporting a bug, tell us how to reproduce the bug if you know.